Sunday, September 2, 2012

Game Junk Podcast Episode #13: Mass Effect 3 and New Super Mario Bros. 2

0:00 - Intro / Frank's Summer Slump
11:30 - Headlines: OUYA, PS3 / PS Vita Cross Buy Program, Rocksteady Developing a Justice League Game, Steam Greenlight, Sony Acquires Gaikai, Consumers Can Resell Digital Games in Europe, EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement
56:45 - Hot Button: Free-to-Play Games
1:12:10 - Games We Played: Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect, NHL 13 / Madden 13 / NCAA Football Demos, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Rage, Rayman Origins, Top Spin 4, Eternal Sonata, FIFA 12 (iOS), Pocket Planes, Jurassic Park Builder, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Fallout 3, Risk (iPad), Lollipop Chainsaw, Sound Shapes, Quantum Conundrum, Deadlight, Wizorb, Astronot, Spy vs. Spy (iOS), Gasketball
2:27:15 - Junk Mail: Game Center CX, Wii-U, Games That Take Over Your Mind When You're Not Playing Them, Diablo 3 + Senran Kagura, 3DS Street Pass, Next Gen Consoles, Games to Play with a Significant Other, Mass Effect 3 Ending, Speed Runs
2:56:45 - Upcoming Releases
3:02:15 - Outro
3:06:05 - 3DS XL Unboxing
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  1. I'm looking forward to this new Game Junk episode!

    I hope it's "high octane"...

  2. Frank & Co. I'm anticipating a blow-out "holiday shopping" Game Junk...

    Make it happen, bro!

  3. Hey Marty, sorry for the late response but I don't think any of us really check this site. Try posting your messages on our facebook page, you'll definitely get a faster response there:

    Also, we having issues getting together to record the next show, but we're hoping to definitely get it done over the xmas break at the latest (it's been waaay too long).

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