Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Junk Podcast Episode #4: Rock Band 3, Fable 3 and Halo Reach

0:00 - Intro
2:10 - News: - Viacom to Sell Harmonix, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the Biggest Entertainment Launch Ever, Supreme Court vs. Video Games, OnLive MicroConsole Launches
35:30 - Review: Rock Band 3
53:40 - Review: Fable 3
1:11:10 - Review: Halo Reach
1:33:20 - Other Stuff We Played: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Super Meat Boy, Costume Quest, Epic Mickey, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic All-Stars Racing, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fallout 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo, Gran Turismo 5, Sly Cooper Collection, Goldeneye, DeathSpank
2:11:10 - Hot Button: Motion Control
2:29:00 - Junk Mail: Huckcity Explained, Finishing Games, Keeping Track of Games We're Playing, Playing Sports Games for Sports You Aren't Familiar With, Top 5 Hockey Games
3:04:15 - This Month's Game Releases / Outro

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